Decorative Floor Medallions in Marble, Wood and Tile

Add a touch of decor to your flooring with a custom floor medallion. Commonly used in entryways, these medallions give your flooring more personality, and a touch of uniqueness.

It’s common to see more custom floor medallions in homes today. Thanks to improvements of the medallion manufacturing the costs were dramatically lowered.

You don’t need a specific type of flooring for a medallion. Today they are made from many materials like marble floor medallions, porcelain floor medallions, and wood floor medallions. Common sizes for these medallions are 24″ x 24″ for square medallions, or 32″ for round options.

By increasing your flooring budget just a few hundred dollars, you can take your floor from ordinary to extraordinary. It really elevates the look of the flooring, and adds a touch of luxury.

Installing Custom Flooring Medallions in Scottsdale

Installing your flooring medallion is just as easy as installing new flooring tiles. The installation options include:

Installing a medallion during your flooring install

To install your flooring medallion, it’s preferred that it’s done during the time of the flooring install. This allows the flooring and the medallion to be sanded, if needed, and finished together for a better fit of the inlay. It’s important to keep the transition seamless; making the medallion and floor the same height.

Adding a medallion to your existing flooring

Adding a custom medallion to your existing flooring is possible, although it requires extra work to ensure the medallion is the same thickness as the rest of your flooring. A great flooring contractor will be able to add the medallion to your flooring without large gaps that transition the flooring to the medallion.

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