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Best Flooring for My White Kitchen

November 16, 2017 in  by Gainey Flooring

So, you've decided to follow the white kitchen trend. Good move! Real estate agents say that white kitchens sell homes. Gone are the days of the natural wood cabinets, dark richly colored walls, and busy backsplashes. When it comes to kitchens, the whiter the better! But, you might be thinking that you don't want white floors. That's just too much. And you would be right. Too much of any color can feel bland and even overwhelming. So, if you've eliminated white natural stone or ceramic tile as an option, you might be asking, what IS the best flooring for my white kitchen?

Dark Hardwood

Best Flooring for My White Kitchen

Dark floors can anchor all the floating white in the room. It gives weight to a room that's too light, too airy. You can install dark wood in a contemporary kitchen, paired with shiny, laminated, flat surface cabinets, or in a country kitchen with more rustic features. The best part of dark wood is that it doesn't show every stain or spill. It has some camouflaging properties, unless it's very dark and very shiny. Sometimes shiny, dark floors show dust more, which can be another headache.

Light Wood Tones

Best Flooring for My White Kitchen

If you don't want to go dark, you can still keep the light feel of the kitchen without going all the way white or cream. Natural wood floors are a great option because they keep with the bright feel without letting the kitchen "float away." Pair your modern cabinets with a rustic, natural tone, wide plank flooring to really make the whole look sing. But, you could also go for a beige natural stone or ceramic tile. Just make sure it doesn't go too dark, if you go this route. Medium to dark tones of natural stone or ceramic flooring can come across as Tuscan, which is hard to combine with white cabinets.

Medium Wood or Bamboo Flooring

Best Flooring for My White Kitchen

Somewhere in between dark and light is a medium color flooring. This can be great in a kitchen with warm gold hardware with some black or dark gray fixtures. Stick with natural colors and materials here. It's easy to end up with a floor that doesn't match the clean, bright style of a white kitchen with medium tones. A gray/beige hardwood is a great choice, whereas a orange/beige ceramic tile is not. Again, it hearkens to a Tuscan, ornate style that doesn't pair well with white cabinets.

Go White

Best Flooring for My White Kitchen

Sometimes it's great to go all the way. It takes a brave soul to live with stark white flooring because it shows spills and dirt very easily. A shiny white tile might be a high maintenance mistake for someone with small children or pets. But, there are some white or almost white options that could be less of a headache. If you must go light, avoid shine. Shiny floor show dirt more than dull floors. Consider a shiny car. It looks dull when it's dirty and indicates that it's time for a wash. A car with a matte finish might give you a little more time between washes. Also, you could try for painted wood on the floor. It is more rustic and allows for some dents and scratches. So, a little dirt doesn't stand out as much.

And, if you must have white floors, look for an anchoring element somewhere else in the kitchen. Dark wood doors and trim, a dark gray backsplash, or a brightly colored Indian rug could do the trick.

When it's time to pick flooring for your white kitchen, remember that all white isn't always best. Select some fixtures or accessories that bring the room back down to earth. While white is bright and cheerful, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Ask yourself, what's the best flooring for my white kitchen? And call a professional if you get stuck.

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